Less paper, more insight.

Material Tracker provides transparency between you and your vendors which eliminates the need for emails, faxes and phone calls every step of the way.

Never wonder where your materials are ever again!

From Purchase Order

Vendors see real-time need and priority, allowing them to load materials based on current demands.

In Transit

Truck drivers are able to know where their next pick up is and what should be on it without confusion.

To Production

Know where your materials are at all times and be able to see and communicate needs efficiently.

Customized to your facility

Noviqu’s Material Tracker is customized to your facility’s needs. Whether that is custom reports, workflows or integrations with existing systems – our team will be here for you.

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Drill down to important details

With Noviqu’s Material Tracker, you can drill down to information specific to a line or cell, giving you the deep detail you need in order to understand each production need.

Give your Vendors insight that matters

With customized vendor specific views, your suppliers see the priority of needs and make decisions based on your schedule.

Set your own schedule

Whether your schedule is imported from your ERP or not, Material Tracker gives you the flexibility to make changes to your schedule on the fly without having to contact each vendor.

Choose who can do what

Using a robust role-based permissions system, Noviqu’s Material Tracker allows you to create specific roles for your users and control their access to the system.

What are you waiting for?

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More Features

  Unlimited Users

  Unlimited Vendors/Groups

  Advanced Role Manangement

  Activity Tracking

  Integration with your ERP

  Secure Hosting

  Email Support

  Live Chat

  Phone Support available