Noviqu significantly reduces training onboarding and administration time for Unilever

The Customer

Unilever is a multinational consumer goods company that produces products ranging from food, condiments and ice cream to beauty products, personal care and cleaning agents.

The Jefferson City facility located in Jefferson City, Missouri is the world's largest personal care manufacturing facility that produces products for the brands Axe, Dove, Suave and more.>

The information for this case study was provided by Creag Garret (Training Leader) & Ed McGinnis (Skills Trainer).


The Challenge

Creag, Ed and their team were growing tired of the manual work involved in onboarding new employees, tracking recertification schedules and providing training reports for audits and compliance.

When employees are hired, their onboarding process is rigorous, their certifications are necessary, and all of this must be tracked and maintained for compliance reasons. Even throughout their tenure as an employee, retraining and renewing certifications have become a time-intensive process.


Through paper-based methods, Unilever was able to get their employee onboarding process down to 40 hours of class-based training (with paper tests and assessments) before being able to start providing value to the company on the floor.

Reports are vital to compliance, and creating monthly, yearly and sometimes auditory reports take time to compile, search for the information, and make it presentable. This process can take anywhere from a couple of days to up to a week, depending on the breadth of the report.

Certain certifications – like forklift operations – require a recertification every few years. For the Training & Skills Leaders, the process to make sure recertifications happen when they are supposed to results in a lot of lost time searching for past certifications.

It’s a one stop shop for me because in the past I had to go to multiple systems,
and [with Noviqu] it integrates all in one.

The Solution

Unilever started working with Noviqu in December of 2017. The first step in the process was simple: get the training records digitized.

Noviqu’s team worked with Unilever to get all the employees imported into the system, and to build out a framework that all training content could be put into. Unilever quickly realized how customizable and flexible Noviqu’s platform truly was, and it made the importing process quick and easy.

As Unilever began to roll out Noviqu to the employees, feedback started to come in, and Unilever discovered that Noviqu’s software was intuitive for all employees – even the less tech savvy ones.


For our old forklift training, [employees] would have a paper test and a video we'd have to show on screen. Then they'd have a demonstration and that was another piece of paper that we’d lose all the time. Now because of [Noviqu], we can leverage that entire workflow, and all of it is tied into one lesson so we can track everything from training material to knowledge assessment, to demonstrated assessment or skills all in one thing.

The Results

Time Savings

Unilever found that by implementing a digital system, they were able to reduce their onboarding preparation, new hire orienation, retraining and audition/reporting time by upwards of 40%. The quicker, smoother, and automated process helps save time each and every day.

Reduction in Onboarding Preparation Time

Before Noviqu: 8+ hours of paperwork

After Noviqu: 15 minutes of account creation

Reduction in New Hire Orientation Time

Before Noviqu: 40 hours of trainin per employee

After Noviqu: 24 hours of training per employee

Reduction in Retraining Time

Before Noviqu: 2.5 hours average retraining

After Noviqu: 30 minutes average retraining

Reduction in Audition & Reporting Time

Before Noviqu: 4 hours per report (over 100 reports per year)

After Noviqu: 20 minutes per report

I've been pleasantly surprised with customer support. They are open to adapting the system to individuals’ needs,
I think that's an excellent uniqueness that I didn't expect. They work with us through priorities and needs,
and I know Noviqu has a larger customer base, but for us to get the ability to leverage the system and make suggestions is really unexpected.

Cost Savings

Unilever found that by implementing a digital system, they were able to reduce their onboarding preparation, new hire orienation, retraining and audition/reporting time by upwards of 40%. The quicker, smoother, and automated process helps save time each and every day.

Saved per new hire group

Before Noviqu: $176 per new hire group (5-6 new hires in a group)

After Noviqu: $5.50 per new hire group

Saved annually

Before Noviqu: $105,600 in annual onboarding training cost (non-growth stage)

After Noviqu: $63,360 in annual onboarding training cost (non-growth stage)

Saved for each report run

Before Noviqu: $88 per report (100+ reports annually)

After Noviqu: $7 per report

Saved with each retraining

Before Noviqu: $55 for each employee's retraining

After Noviqu: $11 for each employee's retraining

COVID forced us to use the system at a level that we hadn't used it before, and we found few constraints in the system. We actually found that we had a lot of leverage points in the system that we had not been using prior. During COVID we were still able to administer all of our regulatory training without having to do it in classrooms. We were able to still meet all of our requirements.

Features Unilever Loves!

Customizable fields make it flexible and fit whatever need they have.

Dashboard shows employees their to-do list without them having to search.

Recertification schedules are automated – so no more worrying.

Digital Signatures make compliance easy. And compliant.

Learning can happen 24/7 because Noviqu is accessible on any device.

The biggest advantage Noviqu has provided is the digitization piece. We have the digital signatures and we can follow up on regulatory training. The fact that we're able to quickly supply materials like training records and stuff like that when we're being audited either internally or externally is huge for us.

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