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Safety Reporting

Safety reporting can often be tedious and boring for employees. Safety standards require a lot of information, which equates to a lot of time. Well, not anymore. Noviqu helps shorten the workload for employees so they can spend less time reporting and more time producing.

Safety Observation
Template Creation


Business is not a one-size-fits-all. Creating templates that are as unique as you and your business are, is important. Start with the Noviqu base template, and then build into what suits you best; after all, no one knows your business quite like you do.

Real-Time Maintenance

When providing maintenance on the floor, it can be categorized as either preventative maintenance or real-time or request maintenance. With Noviqu, scheduling preventative maintenance is simple and quick and answering maintenance repair requests is like second nature.


Progressive Training

The old school way of training is a thing of the past. Employees don't retain information after hours of watching outdated videos or reading page after page of training materials. Now, employees learn on the job and when they need the information most.

Fun and Games

There's no harm in having a little fun at work. Contests, daily challenges, and friendly competition will help employees stay engaged and have fun while getting things done. Employees will be able to stay on top of workplace advancement by keeping track of their levels. Who will level up this quarter?

Mobile Leaderboard
Dashboard Metrics

Customizable Metrics

Every manager wants to see different information about the facility, which is why Noviqu has customizable metrics suited to your needs as soon as you log in. Whether you want to know about safety incidents, current training levels, or who's currently on top of the leaderboard, your dashboard will show you what you want to see most.

More Features

  Unlimited Users

  Unlimited Tags

  Advanced Role Management

  Activity Tracking

  Floor Communication

  Secure Hosting

  Email Support

  Live Chat

  Phone Support available

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