Automate your workflows.

Process management is a full-time job – but it doesn’t have to be.
Stop managing your processes and start actually getting stuff done.

Take the guessing out of work.

Manage your processes quickly and efficiently without any guesswork. Know what is at each step in the process, and where to focus your energy.

Your work, delivered to you.

Ditch the emails, phone calls and chats to figure out when you need to step in on a process. Get notified as soon as work is ready for you.

Get the information you need.

No matter what you need filled out, put in or attached, Noviqu’s fully customizable workflow builder allows you to get the information you need quickly.

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Additional Features

Calculated fields

Set permissions for each step

Conditional Logic to skip steps

Customizable reporting

Set due dates

Quickly view past workflows

Customizable alerts

Assign work easily for each step