Training solutions built to fit your needs.

Not all Learning Management Systems are created equal. We understand how important an efficient, effective, and easy training solution is for your business.

Your training. Your way.

With our intuitive builder we take the pain out of creating training and make it easy. Whether it is text, images, video, or questions our builder can handle it.

Skills management made simple.

By utilizing our skills matrix, you can assess your employees' current skills levels, track their skills over time, and see where your skills gaps are.

A question a day keeps the incidents away.

Knowledge retention doesn't have to be a problem in your facility. With a once-a-day training question, you can keep employees sharp and informed, day in and day out.

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Additional Features

Assign training by position, group, and user.

Instant access to employee training records.

Access from any device.

Customizable reporting.

Group lessons by courses and categories.

Easily assign recurring training.

Track offline training.

Link to areas and equipment.