Preventative. Reactive. Maintenance Simplified.

Whether you’re scheduling planned maintenance, or fixing something on the fly, Noviqu provides an intuitive platform to get your work done quickly and efficiently.

Set up your PM once and watch it go.

Preventative Maintenance is supposed to be done on a schedule – so why spend time each month scheduling the same thing? Schedule it once in Noviqu, and let the system recreate it month after month.

Figure out the true cost of maintenance.

Track parts associated with each work order (as well as time!), and see how much maintenance costs the company – by asset, by employee or by part!

Get requests from anywhere, anytime.

Anyone in the facility can easily request maintenance with the click of a button. No more waiting for the phone call, text, or walkie talkie to go off. See your work come in in real time.

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Additional Features

Tag procedures or training to the work order

Easily assign your team to work on new tasks

Track your time

Dashboard widget for My Work Orders

Customizable reporting

Scheduling flexibility

Level load your calendar

Part reorder points