Hello Tim Gordon

By Anna Haney

We are so excited to welcome a new team member on board; everybody get ready, because this guy, is the guy. Meet Timothy Gordon – we call him Tim – our new Director of Sales and Marketing! He said he didn’t have a preference on what we call him, so we went with what was shorter and less syllables. He’s also very good at running, which you can tell from this lovely photo snapped at his last half-marathon.

Tim comes to us from a wealth of sales and marketing experience in a variety of backgrounds. Though he may not look it or act like it, there’s a little bit of car salesman in there, along with some corporate sales, and over the last five years he’s made his way into entrepreneurship. He has worked for a variety of startups, some successful and some not so successful, but most recently he exited from his own startup: Clever Real Estate.

Tim’s a hunter, and we are so thrilled to have him on board! In his short first three weeks, he’s more than gotten his feet wet and proved himself to be valuable at a trade show. If you’d like to know more about Tim – or see what Tim can do for your facility, reach out to him: tim@noviqu.com